• We have filled and packed out over 17 million units
  • We can fill all liquids and viscosities
  • We can also source your hardware and packaging
  • Filling accuracy average of +/- 1%
  • We also fill 5 hour energy type bottles
  • We fill cartridges and disposables

Why American Filling Station?

Welcome to American Filling Station!

Co-Packer for filling liquids into cartridges and disposables.


We help you scale your business by filling your needs!

Filling / Packaging

Over 17 million units filled/packed!

What Types?

We can fill all liquids and viscosities


Sourced hardware and packaging


Filling accuracy average of +/- 1%


What we do

We help you scale your business by doing the filling and packaging in a quick and efficient manner. We have helped businesses increase their sales from 50,000 units monthly to over 200,000 units per month in just 5 months.


For the last 6 years, The Golden West Services Group (GWSG) Team has specialized in filling and packaging liquids into cartridges and disposables.

Utilizing custom made in the U.S.A. filling equipment, we have helped companies scale their businesses.  GWSG takes away the challenges of filling and packaging, and allows companies to focus on brand development and sales.

We have filled a variety of liquids and viscosities, with accuracy for all liquids at +/- 1%. For thicker liquids, we have heating throughout the system (including needles) to allow for accurate filling.

If you need us to source the hardware (cartridges and disposables), packaging or liquids, we can help you with that as well. Our mission is to make our customer’s lives easier and allow them to increase their businesses without having to worry about filling, packaging or logistics.



Keeping track!  The total number of units filled since GWSG began is:

Total Filled:

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